A Clare Benediction (SATB) John Rutter

A Clare Benediction (SATB) John Rutter

Varenummer: OUP9780193511521

Kategorier: Kor & sang, Blandakor, Kormusikk

SATB and Piano. product type Choral Score. A product from Oxford University Press An easy anthem with words and music by John Rutter. There are four different versions of the vocal parts - unison (or two-part) with keyboard, upper voices with keyboard, SA and Men with piano, or SATB unaccompanied or with keyboard. An orchestral accompaniment compatible with the SATB version , SAMen version, and the unison version (although the orchestral parts are a semitone higher for the latter two) is available on hire. Also available in John Rutter Anthems.

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Varenummer OUP9780193511521
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Rutter, John
Instrument Blanda kor, Orgel
Besetning Ad lib., SATB
Redaktør Willcocks, David