Akira Jimbo DVD - Fujiyama

Akira Jimbo DVD - Fujiyama

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Supertilbud på DVD med Akira Jimbo.

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Combining Acoustic And Electronic Drums (DVD)
In this DVD, Akira Jimbo shows you how he has expanded the concept of the drumset as a solo instrument. After 15 years of research and development, Jimbo has developed an organic approach to combining electronic and acoustic drums by utilizing a Drum Trigger System. Jimbo has worked out everything you need to be your own band - you'll be playing melody, harmony and rhythm in a breathtaking musical panorama. This DVD includes:

Location of Trigger Pickups
Trigger Function Modes
Programming Drum Patterns
Behind-the-scenes Footage
4 Complete Performances of Songs
2nd Camera Angle (overhead) on All Songs
All about Jimbo's Gear
This DVD will be an essential purchase for players who want to increase their abilities in this area of performance.