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  1. Music Theory for Young Musicians, Grade 1

    Music Theory for Young Musicians, Grade 1

    Steg-for-sted undervisning i musikkteori, med øvelser og evaluering av ulike musikkteoretiske temaer. Fargerik og morsom måte for barn å lære musikkteori. Les mer
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  2. Rhythm Flashcard Kit

    Rhythm Flashcard Kit

    This is the rhythm game you've been waiting for! The rhythms are divided into two levels of difficulty and each of the 48 cards features a common rhythm pattern. Both sides of the cards are laminated for durability and for use with wipe-away dry erase markers. This allows you to create your own rhythm patterns for students to read, or for the students to use in learning to write notes and rhythms, rhythmic dictation, and a variety of other fun rhythm activities. Les mer
    kr 375,00

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