Bach Flute Sonatas Volume 2

Bach Flute Sonatas Volume 2

Varenummer: HN328

Kategorier: Treblåsinstrumenter, Fløyte, Instrumenter

It is now possible to add the epithet“previously“ to the formulation of these sonatas as “attributed to Bach” in the title of our Urtext edition, today it is assumed that none of the three sonatas was written by “Father” Bach, but rather by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel. Yet this, too, cannot be completely and unambiguously authenticated, doubts linger. In any case, the issue does not detract from the extraordinary popularity of, for example, the Sonatas in E flat major and g minor, which have stunningly beautiful slow movements. The sonatas are part of the flautist’s daily bread.

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Varenummer HN328
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel, Bach, Johann Sebastian
Tema/Sjanger Barokk
Instrument Fløyte
Besetning Solo med piano