Balkan Dance BB5 Etienne Crausaz

Balkan Dance BB5 Etienne Crausaz

Varenummer: BMP17013665

Kategorier: Janitsjar

The Balkans region has always been a source of musical inspiration for composers throughout the centuries. Strong rhythms and often-abundant musical climaxes are two important characteristics of this rich and varied musical style. Etienne Crausaz took some of these elements and mixed it with elements of rock, turning this Balkan Dance into an exuberant and spectacular piece of music, during which no one can remain seated!

Lagerstatus: Kun 1 stk på lager

kr 1 389,00
Varenummer BMP17013665
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Crausaz, Etienne
Vanskelighetsgrad 5
Durata 3'00" - 3'30"
Tema/Sjanger Originalmusikk
Besetning Brassband (BB)