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  1. Five pieces for Clarinet and Piano (Miller)
  2. Fire norske folketoner for Cello (bratsj) og piano (Miller)
  3. Little Piano Suite
  4. Allegro festivo for strings (Partitur)
  5. Adagietto
  6. Youthful Pieces (for piano duet)
  7. The Kings Song
  8. Five studies on Norwegian folktunes
  9. Cassation, no 2
  10. Suite for Tuba
  11. Kristines verksted
  12. På sjøen
  13. Serenade
  14. The floating flute
  15. Three Baby faces for klarinett (A/Bb) og piano
  16. Menuetto & Gigue
  17. Balladino - for Violin and Piano by Timothy Miller
  18. A Choice of Song - for Mezzo Sopranoand Piano

    A Choice of Song - for Mezzo Sopranoand Piano

    These songs were written for Alison Chew – to whom they are dedicated – who gave the first performance of them in Needham Market church, Suffolk (England), in 1989. As there was no piano in the church a harpsichord was borrowed to provide accompaniments for the concert. The accompaniments to A Choice of Song were written consciously exploiting figurations and extures suitable to the harpsichor... Les mer
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  19. Chessmen - for piano

    Chessmen - for piano

    Most of us like to hear a story. Stories usually rely on words, pictures or some sort of playedout action to conjure up atmosphere, events and characters which intermesh and thereby create a little drama. Can music tell a story? Instrumental music has no words, no pictures, no acted-out action but it can certainly evoke atmosphere; calmness, suspense, joyfulness and so on. Character in music can b... Les mer
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