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  1. CM1042-E_0.png

    Concerto for Trumpet PDF

    with Winds. Accompaniment arranged for double WW Quintet and String Bass. Les mer
    kr 780,00
  2. The Last Rose of Summer PDF
  3. CM1508-E_0.png

    Carnival of Venice PDF

    with Concert Band; arranged for Oystein Baadsvik Les mer
    kr 845,00
  4. CM0517-E_0.png

    Yellow Rose of Texas PDF

    with Brass Band (5 Cnts, Flgl., 3 Eb Ten., 2 Btns, Les mer
    kr 900,00
  5. Eyes of Texas - Short Encore PDF

    Eyes of Texas - Short Encore PDF

    with Brass Band (5 Cnts, 3 Eb Ten., 2 Bars, 3 Tbns Les mer
    kr 440,00
  6. CM1562-E_0.png
  7. CM0065-E_0.png

    Eyes of Texas - Short Encore PDF

    with Concert Band; written as encore to CM263, Yel Les mer
    kr 500,00
  8. CM0141-E_0.png

    Danny Boy PDF

    with Concert Band Les mer
    kr 615,00
  9. CM0001-E_0.png

    Patriotic Encore, A PDF

    with Concert Band. A very short, exciting solo encore, two familiar Cohan tunes. Les mer
    kr 675,00
  10. CM1161-E_0.png

    Danny Boy PDF

    w/Concert Band, in Eb. See CM144 for F version. Les mer
    kr 615,00
  11. CM0263-E_0.png

    Yellow Rose of Texas and Variations PDF

    with Concert Band; for a short encore, see CM65, E Les mer
    kr 955,00

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