Down to the River CB1,5 arr. Sweeney

Down to the River CB1,5 arr. Sweeney

Varenummer: HL04005892

Kategorier: Korpsnoter, Janitsjar

Here is an emotion-filled arrangement for young players based on the folk tune Down to the River to Pray, which is thought to have been composed by an African-American slave. There is an element of sadness in the music, but also a glimmer of hope as the slaves dream of freedom and being reunited with family and friends. Dur: 2:45

Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager, levering 1-3 uker

kr 909,00
Varenummer HL04005892
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Arrangør Sweeney, Michael
Vanskelighetsgrad 1,5
Format Notesett
Tema/Sjanger Salmer og religiøse sanger
Besetning Janitsjar (CB)