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  1. The Conductor's Companion

    The Conductor's Companion

    100 outstanding middle and high school, collegiate and professional band and orchestra conductors passionately and candidly share their most powerful rehearsal techniques and cutting-edge program ideas in this concise and inspirational volume. Also included are fascinating historical facts about famous composers and conductors as well as inspirational quotes ideal for advocating music programs. It's an excellent university supplemental text and a go-to source for directors at all levels. Les mer
    kr 329,00
  2. Tuning For Wind Instruments

    Tuning For Wind Instruments

    The most complete intonation resource for band directors! This book contains everything a music educator requires to approach fine-tuning intonation with their ensemble: learn the origin of our pitch tuning standard · understand when to apply equal tempered vs. just tempered tuning · calculate the proper harmonic ratios for fine-tuning chords · identify the best tuning notes for each instrument · 14 steps for tuning chords · properly tune brass slides · improve your knowledge with over 70 tuning truths and myths. In addition to the above content, this resource includes intonation charts for tracking personal progress, along with extensively researched color-coded fingering charts for every instrument providing pitch tendencies and suggestions for alternate fingerings. Les mer
    kr 439,00
  3. Complete Color-Coded Flash Cards

    Complete Color-Coded Flash Cards

    Et morsomt hjelpemiddel for å lære noter og musikteori. Kan brukes av alle instrumenter. Les mer
    kr 99,00
  4. Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory: A Complete Self-Study Course for All Musicians

    Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory: A Complete Self-Study Course for All Musicians

    En praktisk og anvendelig bok om musikkteori for alle instrumentalister, vokalister og komponister. To CD-er hører med, for trening av gehør. Les mer
    kr 425,00

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