Händel - Piano Suites (London 1720)

Händel - Piano Suites (London 1720)

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George Frideric Handel’s powerful musical personality reveals itself not only in the large forms of opera, oratorio, and orchestral suite, but also in his compositions for keyboard. The focus here is on the eight Suites of his first printed collection from 1720, which by no means comprise standardised sequences of dance movements. On the contrary – free-form movements of great artistic weight predominate, inserting themselves between lighter dance pieces. Handel’s suites always display a distinctive individuality, and deserve a larger presence in our concert halls. We were able to engage Handel specialist Anthony Hicks as the editor of this Urtext edition.

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Suite A major HWV 426Piano 6 medium
Suite F major HWV 427Piano 6 medium
Suite d minor HWV 428Piano 6 medium
Suite e minor HWV 429Piano 6 medium
Suite E major HWV 430Piano 5 medium
Suite f sharp minor HWV 431Piano 6 medium
Suite g minor HWV 432Piano 6 medium
Suite f minor HWV 433Piano 6 medium
Appendix: Early versions of single movements
Appendix: Initial finale HWV 427Piano 5 medium
Appendix: Allemande; Earlier version HWV 429Piano 5 medium
Appendix: Initial Prélude HWV 566Piano 6 medium
Appendix: Air; Earlier version HWV 430Piano 5 medium
Appendix: Initial Prélude HWV 570Piano 6 medium
Appendix: Initial Prélude HWV 572Piano 6 medium
Appendix: Initial Prélude HWV 568Piano 6 medium