Heroes and Glory CB0,5 James Swearingen

Heroes and Glory CB0,5 James Swearingen

Varenummer: BA023-3673-00

Kategorier: Janitsjar

Using only the first six notes students learn, James Swearingen’s delightful “Heroes and Glory” is a musical tribute to the everyday heroes of our lives. Check out the recording and you will hear that this is a very impressive sounding piece for this grade level! First rate in every respect!

Lagerstatus: 3 stk på lager

kr 625,00
Varenummer BA023-3673-00
Supplier C.L.Barnhouse Company {9214}
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Swearingen, James
Vanskelighetsgrad 1
Durata 1'30" - 2'00"
Tema/Sjanger Originalmusikk