Independence And Coordination in African Rhythms

Independence And Coordination in African Rhythms

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Content - Introduction - How to Work with this Book - Note Values - Legend - Rhythms 4/12 - The Rhythm of Bikut.Yop - Rhythmic Exercise 1 - Bikut. Yop Jazzy Variations - Bikut. Yop Philosophy - Rhythmic Exercise 2 - Bikut.Yop Independence in 4/12 - 4/12 Feet Combination - 4/12 Rhythm - 4/12 Bikut.Yop Jazzy - 12/8 Afro Flam Taps - Rhythic Exercise 3 - Rhythmic Exercise 4 - Rhythmic Exercise 5 - 4/4 Ashiko Rhythm - Ashiko Introductions - Ashiko Jazzy - Special Thaks - About the Author - CD-Index

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Come and get to know the most fascinating grooves from Central Africa! The new volume by Christian Bourdon explains step by step the large variety of rhythms from Cameroon. The patterns of traditional percussion instruments are transferred to the drums, thus turning short patterns and combinations into authentic grooves on the drum set. All rhythms and examples on the accompanying CD have been performed and recorded by the author himself for listening and playing along.