21 Selected Piano Works - Franz Liszt

21 Selected Piano Works - Franz Liszt

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Piano Book & CD. Internationally renowned concert pianist Joseph Banowetz presents this definitive collection of original masterworks by Franz Liszt featuring a comprehensive preface, composer biography, vintage photographs, and detailed performance notes on the solos. The companion CD features Joseph Banowetz performing Liszt's most cherished piano repertoire.

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Ehemals, from Weihnachtsbaum, S. 186/10
Étude, Op. 6, No. 7; S. 136/7
Ich liebe dich, S. 542a (posth)
Liebeslied: Widmung (easier version), S. 566 (posth.) (Robert Schumann, trans. by Liszt)
Liebesträume: 3 notturnos, S. 541
No. 2: Gestorben war ich (first version)
No. 3: O lieb, o lieb, so lang du lieben kannst
Piano Piece in A-flat Major, S. 189a (posth.)
Marche de Rákóczy--Édition populaire, S. 244/15
Resignazione, S.187a (posth.)
Romance, S. 169 (posth.)
Romance oubliée, S. 527 * Ruhig, S. 167a (posth.)
Scherzo, S. 153 (posth.)
Six Consolations, S. 172
No. 1 in E Major
No. 2 in E Major
No. 3 in D-flat Major
No. 4 in D-flat Major
No. 5 in E Major
No. 6 in E Major
Ständchen, S. 560/7 (Franz Schubert, trans. by Liszt)
Valse oubliée, No. 1, S. 215/1