Oxford Service Music for Organ 2 Manuals Only

Oxford Service Music for Organ 2 Manuals Only

Varenummer: OUP9780193372641

Kategorier: Tangentinstrumenter, Orgel, Instrumenter

This is a major collection of organ music for students, players, and church musicians of all abilities. Pieces are grouped according to service needs into Preludes, Interludes, Processionals, and Postludes, with a wealth of attractive and varied pieces spanning the 16th to 21st centuries.

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Trio (7e Couplet Du Gloria) [Couperin, Fran‡ois]
Jesu Leiden, Pein Und Tod [Walther, J. G.]
Elegy [Walton, William]
Schmcke Dich, O Liebe Seele [Brahms, Johannes]
Andante [Stanley, John]
Largo [Handel, G. F.]
Nun Danket Alle Gott [Tauscher, H. W.]
Offertoire [Franck, C‚sar]
Diapason Movement [Keeble, John]
Jesus Christus, Unser Heiland, Der Den Tod berwand [Buxtehude, Dietrich]
Erbarm Dich Mein, O Herre Gott [Krebs, Johann]
Christe Qui Lu [Blitheman, William]
Christus, Der Ist Mein Leben [Walther, J. G.]
Peaceful Prelude [Bullard, Alan]
Verse For The (Double) Organ [Gibbons, Christopher]
Andante [Adams, Thomas]
Christus, Der Ist Mein Leben [Pachelbel, Johann]
Pavane [Susato, Tylman]
Grazioso [Knecht, J. H.]
Lento [B”ellmann, L‚on]
Interlude [Fischer, M. G.]
A Point [Tallis, Thomas]
Slow [Croft, William]
Andantino [Franck, C‚sar]
Magnificat Verse [Speth, Johann]
Verse [Anon. Spanish]
Processional [Merkel, G. A.]
Largo [Goodwin, William]
Largamente [B”ellmann, L‚on]
Ricercare [Froberger, J. J.]
Galliard [Byrd, William]
Prelude [Bach, J. S.]
Largo [Goodwin, Starling]
Fugue [Muffat, Gottlieb]
Allemande 'The Prince' [Anon.]
Prelude [Zachow, F. W.]
O Lamm Gottes Unschuldig [Bach, J. S.]
Dialogue [J.-F. Dandrieu]
Valet Will Ich Dir Geben [Kauffmann, G. F.]
Was Gott Tut, Das Ist Wohlgetan [Krebs, Johann]
Fantasia [Telemann, G. P.]
Postludium [Peeters, Flor]
Capriccio [Mozart, W. A.]
St. Fulbert [Lang, C. S.]
Canzona [Zipoli, Domenico]
Echo Fantasie [Scronx, Gerhardus]
Gavotte [Wesley, Samuel]
Herr Christ, Der Einig Gottes Sohn [Walther, J. G.]
Sei Lob Und Ehr Dem H”chsten Gut [Johann, Krebs]
Basse De Trompette [Marchand, Louis]
Voluntary [James, John]
A Fancy [Hurford, Peter]