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  1. Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 CB5 - Liszt, arr: Cesarini

    Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 CB5 - Liszt, arr: Cesarini

    Franz Liszt’s 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies are characterised by melancholy, great expressiveness and wonderful gypsy rhythms. No.2 is the best known of all, mainly thanks to the use of various passages for cartoon characters such as Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny. The whirling, billowing music is accessible to a broad audience. This excellent arrangement for wind band by Franco Cesarini will doubtless enrich any concert. Les mer
    kr 1 499,00
  2. Bell Piece CB Grainger - STEMMER

    Bell Piece CB Grainger - STEMMER

    Tenor and wind band. Bardic Edition Music Publishers ed. Les mer
    kr 2 399,00
  3. BW107-E_0.png

    Jerusalem PDF

    Scored for British Brass Band Les mer
    kr 390,00
  4. The Lost Lady Found (from Lincolnshire Posy) - CB2,5 Grainger, arr. Sweeney

    The Lost Lady Found (from Lincolnshire Posy) - CB2,5 Grainger, arr. Sweeney

    The final movement of Percy Grainger's masterwork Lincolnshire Posy is arranged here for younger bands with reduced instrumentation. Les mer
    kr 689,00
  5. Gumsuckers March The CB4 Grainger/Rogers

    Gumsuckers March The CB4 Grainger/Rogers

    Inspired by Jackson Pollock paintings from 1947. "You do not enter a painting of Pollock’s in any one place (or hundred places). Anywhere is Everywhere and you can dip in and out when and where you can… His art gives one the impression of going on forever." (Allan Kaprow quoted in Jackson Pollock, Interviews, Articles, and Reviews) Les mer
    kr 1 275,00
  6. Colonial Song CB4 Percy Grainger
  7. Horkstow Grange CB2 P.A.Grainger/arr.M.Sweeney

    Horkstow Grange CB2 P.A.Grainger/arr.M.Sweeney

    This edition uses a lower key for range considerations, yet retains all of the charm and beauty of the original. What a terrific opportunity to instill an appreciation of Grainger in your young players Les mer
    kr 789,00
  8. Lincolnshire Posy CB5 Grainger/Fennell

    Lincolnshire Posy CB5 Grainger/Fennell

    En klassiker i korpsrepertoaret. Les mer
    kr 3 125,00
  9. Country Gardens CB4/5 Grainger

    Country Gardens CB4/5 Grainger

    In typical Percy Grainger fashion, this is a quiet, delicate, yet playable work that features the woodwinds primarily, but is enjoyable for all. Grades 4-5. Les mer
    kr 995,00
  10. Children's March CB4 Grainger/Erickson
  11. Irish Tune from County Derry / Shepherd's Hey CB4 Grainger
  12. British waterside CB Grainger
  13. Cutting of the Hay CB4.5 Grainger/Wilson
  14. I'm seventeen come Sunday CB Grainger/Wagner
  15. Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon CB4 Grainger
  16. Two Grainger Melodies CB4 Kreines

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