Instant Concert CB4 arr.Walters

Instant Concert CB4 arr.Walters

Varenummer: HL04477314

Kategorier: Korpsnoter, Janitsjar

Often imitated but never duplicated, this is THE original! Harold Walters uses thirty melodies found on band concert programs over the world and very cleverly condenses them into an instant performance of three minutes and ten seconds in one, single tempo. This fabulous edition continues to be one of our best sellers ever - a guaranteed hit with your audience.

Lagerstatus: Ikke på lager, levering 1-3 uker

kr 1 159,00
Varenummer HL04477314
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Walters, H
Vanskelighetsgrad 4
Besetning Janitsjar (CB)