The Water is Wide CB2 Swearingen

The Water is Wide CB2 Swearingen

Varenummer: BA024-3752-00

Kategorier: Korpsnoter, Janitsjar

Let your young students discover the magic of performing expressive music at its finest. Because of its solid scoring, this traditional work will offer your young band a golden opportunity to sound highly mature and very sophisticated. When striving for musical contrast this selection will be a welcome addition to your next concert or festival. Be assured that audiences, both young and old alike, will find this classic very pleasing to the ear. Highly recommended!

Lagerstatus: Kun 1 stk på lager

kr 630,00
Varenummer BA024-3752-00
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Arrangør Swearingen, James
Komponist Trad
Besetning Janitsjar (CB)