My first Clarke for the developing student - trumpet

My first Clarke for the developing student - trumpet

Varenummer: CFWF92

Kategorier: Lærebøker og musikkteori, Trompet / Kornett

My First Clarke contains carefully edited exercises to introduce developing players to the standard Herbert L. Clarke trumpet method. Reorganized by key signature for easier use, this edition also includes new minor key versions of these famous exercises. Featuring over 150 exercises and 16 etudes for maximum flexibility in teaching and learning, My First Clarke is structured to build up strength and endurance without strain or injury to the embouchure. Trumpet students and teachers should not be without this book. For beginner to intermediate players.

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Varenummer CFWF92
Supplier MDS Music Distribution Services (lev) {16743}
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Clarke, Herbert L.
Instrument Trompet / Kornett
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