Play Händel - Obo

Play Händel - Obo

Varenummer: DHP1043682-400

Kategorier: Obo & Fagott

Handel was a composer who always kept on eye on the prevailing taste, political currents and latest fashion. This awareness is seen in both the Italian and English influence in his compositions with much of his music showing regal and festive characteristics. In this book you will find twelve delightful pieces from well-known works such as the Water Music, Royal Fireworks and the Messiah. The CD contains complete versions of each piece together with a version with the solo part missing.

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kr 299,00
Varenummer DHP1043682-400
Supplier Hal Leonard MGB BV (Nederland) {6386}
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Händel, Georg Friedrich
Format Bok med CD / DVD / online audio
Tema/Sjanger Klassisk og samtidsmusikk
Instrument Obo