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  • Kategori: Sang
  • Produkttype: Fysisk produkt
  • Arrangementstype: Melodi/Tekst/Besifring
  • Tema/Sjanger: Populærmusikk

Enlighten the Night

64 songs composed and performed by Mahsa Vahdat

Kategori: Sang
Arrangementstype: Melodi/Tekst/Besifring

"Mahsa Vahdat er blant de viktigste persiske artistene og en av de mest innflytelsesrike iranske kvinner i vår tid. Gjennom hennes mange musikkutgivelser og hennes konserter i mange land gjennom mer enn 25 år har hun utviklet sitt repertoar og sin karakteristiske sangstil. Nå har hun samlet 64 fra sine 11 soloalbum i en sangbok. Ambisjonen er at sangere I hele verden skal kunne bruke disse notene og ved å lytte til Mahsas utgivelser på KKV få en mulighet til å lære seg musikken og bruke sangene på sin egen måte og i den musikalske settingen som er mest relevant for den enkelte. Alle sanger er komponert av Mahsa, og diktene er fra ulike kilder, hovedsakelig fra klassisk persisk litteratur og vår egen tids iranske poeter.
The songs:
A Promise to My Beloved
Beauty on the Run
Come, My Beloved
Dialogue with the Beloved
Don´t Leave Me
Elegy for a Garden
Endless Embrace
Endless Ocean
Enlighten the Night
Eternal Glow
Eternal Meadow
Fate Astray
Fire in the Heart
Gleden Ved Ditt Kyss
Hail Love
I am Eve
If I were God
I was Dead
I will Build You Again My Country
Kissing the Wine Jug
Leyli s Nightingales
Lover go Mad
Lover s Prayer
Make My Garden Laugh
May this Meadow have Flowers
Migratory Bird
Morning Sun of Hope
My Heart doesn t Know Borders
My Kingdom is You
My Ruthless Companion
My Tresses in the Wind
Ney Davoud
Once Again Beside Myself
Pledge with the Jar
Precious Cup
Primordial Mysteries
Salute from the Heart
Silent Song
So Blue
The Act of Freedom
The Blue of Passion
The Caravan of Life
The Color of Moonlight
The Dawn
The Flower s Garment
The Joy of Your Kisses
The Might of Love
The Moon Beams
The News of Reunion
The Pair of your Hair
The Revolt of Love
The Roses and the Meadow
The Scent of Earth
The Sun Rises
Two Jewels
Vanishing Lines
When You Came
Where is the Home of the Wind?
Wind in Tresses

Mahsa Vahdat is one of the most important Persian artists and most influential Iranian women in our time. Through her many albums and her worldwide performances during more than 25 years she has developed her repertoire of music and her own characteristic style of singing. Her sense of quality is sensible in everything she does, from the choice of poems to shaping the melodies and the way to perform them and giving them life.

This collection of songs is picked from her 11 solo albums, and the ambition is that singers throughout the world by using these scores and listening to Mahsa s albums will be able to adopting this music and to use them in their own ways in any preferred musical setting. The songs are all composed by Mahsa, and the poems are from different sources, mainly from the classical and contemporary Persian heritage.

Persian poets, both those from the classical era like Hafez, Rumi, Khayyam and Saadi and the contemporary ones, echo a wisdom, a passion, a sensitivity and a wide humanistic approach since hundreds of years. Through her life and her artistic activity in many countries Mahsa has developed a strong and personal musical expression that gives new life to this great poetic heritage and brings it on to new generations and listeners throughout the world.

There are stories behind many of these songs. Among the strongest elements of the Persian poetic heritage that echo in Mahsa s own life is the passionate hope and deep faith in seeing freedom even inside of a cage, seeing light even in the darkest night, seeing hope where everything seems hopeless. This is the backdrop to her latest album which was given the same titles as this collection of her songs: Enlighten the Night.

Five of these songs are originally performed by Mahsa s sister Marjan, and three of them as duets between Mahsa and Marjan. The order of the songs follows the order of releases, and there is a chapter for every album. This makes it more easy for the user to find the songs in Spotify or other streaming services and listen to how Mahsa herself shaped the songs in her own vocal praxis. It is natural that all singers will make the songs their own though their own interpretation, but it is always helpful to listen to the source from where these beautiful melodies have sprung. Some of the ornaments are not possible to be perfectly transcribed into a notation.

The notation is done in companionship with Atabak Elyasi, and the translations of the original Farsi texts into English are done in companionship with Mahsa s producer through all of her albums: Erik Hillestad, and some of the translations are done by Ahmad Pouri and Sohrab Mahdavi."

  • Kategori: Sang
  • Produkttype: Fysisk produkt
  • Arrangementstype: Melodi/Tekst/Besifring
  • Tema/Sjanger: Populærmusikk
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Enlighten the Night 64 songs composed and performed by Mahsa Vahdat
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