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  • Kategori: Gitar
  • Produkttype: Fysisk produkt
  • Instrument: Gitar

5 Preludes for Guitar

Kategori: Gitar
Instrument: Gitar

"5 Preludes for Guitar
For me a prelude offers musical freedom a little piece that does not need to follow a set musical form. Each of the 5 preludes has its own little story and, consequently, its own musical expression. In the preludes, I focus on timbres, sounds, gestures and rhythmic elements, with the aim to create small micro-worlds of different musical expressions.

Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred (1970)
has a broad and diverse musical background. He is active as composer, musician, arranger, and teacher, and he draws on experience from a number of different genres and musical environments. Skjelbred s compositions now number over 60 and include many works for young musicians and for other art forms. They has been performed in the USA and Canada, in addition to Scandinavia and many European countries.

Skjelbred attaches special importance to collaborating with other musicians and artists, with many of his compositions having resulted from collaborations with Norwegian percussionist Eirik Raude, the vocal ensemble Nordic Voices, the London Schubert Players, Danish flautist Marianne Leth, and the Swedish ensemble Pärlor För Svin, among others. His collaborative efforts with the theatre groups De Utvalgte, Fakta Morgana, and Fabula Rasa have led to stage productions in a number of Scandinavian countries, including, most recently, performances of Istialia at the National Theatre in Oslo in 2011. Skjelbred is, moreover, active as freelance musician, arranger and songwriter within jazz and pop/rock.

Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred completed a Master of Arts in composition in 2006 at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he studied with Asbjørn Schaathun and Bjørn H. Kruse. He has also studied with the renowned Italian composer Luca Francesconi.

  • Kategori: Gitar
  • Produkttype: Fysisk produkt
  • Instrument: Gitar
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5 Preludes for Guitar
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