Slaidburn CB1,5 Rimmer /arr. Brand

Slaidburn CB1,5 Rimmer /arr. Brand

Varenummer: RS10281

Kategorier: Janitsjar

For many, Lancastrian William Rimmer is Britain's 'March King.' His marches are wonderful, every one with its own unique personality and form. Like Sousa, he also created and played a vast catalogue of band music ranging from waltzes and solos to great selections from the masters, but it is for his marches that he is remembered today. Slaidburn is a village in the county of Lancashire, England, but was originally part of the West Riding of Yorkshire. Rimmer composer this easy but effective and much-loved march for the village band.

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kr 800,00
Varenummer RS10281
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Vanskelighetsgrad 1,5
Tema/Sjanger Marsjer
Besetning Janitsjar (CB)