The Green Hill - Solo for Euphonium CB3 Bert Appermont

The Green Hill - Solo for Euphonium CB3 Bert Appermont

Varenummer: BMP11011510

Kategorier: Messinginstrumenter, Baryton / Euphonium, Janitsjar

This piece was commissioned by Swiss euphonium virtuoso Erich Schmidli. Bert Appermont dug deep into Celtic music for inspiration and created a fantasy that shows off the incredible, but often overlooked, versatility of the euphonium. Charming lyrical melodies, virtuosic runs and exciting, colourful tuttis create plenty of contrast in this exciting work. The difficulty level for the soloist and band means almost any band to perform this piece and showcase their euphonium player.

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kr 1 889,00
Varenummer BMP11011510
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Vanskelighetsgrad 3
Durata 7'00" - 7'30"
Tema/Sjanger Originalmusikk
Instrument Euphonium
Besetning Janitsjar (CB), Korps med solist (vokal eller instrumentell)