The Improviser's Bass Method by Chuck Sher

The Improviser's Bass Method by Chuck Sher

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Endorsed by Eddie Gomez, Rufus Reid and others, this is a complete method book for electric or upright bass. It is filled with charts of how all the scales and chords lie on the fingerboard, hundreds of foundation exercises to help bassists gain mastery of their instrument, ideas for constructing bass lines, soloing and more.

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The most comprehensive bass method book ever published! A complete method book, over 200 pages, filled with information and exercises on all aspects of bass playing, for both acoustic and electric bass.

Plus transcribed bass lines and solos by:

Eddie Gomez
Ron Carter
David Friesen
Charles Mingus
James Jamerson
Ray Brown
Paul Jackson
Scott LaFaro
Marcus Miller
George Mraz
Jaco Pastorius
Paul Chambers
Alphonso Johnson
Jimmy Garrison
... and more!