Rejoice In The Lamb av Benjamin Britten

Rejoice In The Lamb av Benjamin Britten

Varenummer: BHM060015120

Kategorier: Kor & sang, Blandakor, Kormusikk

The words of the Cantata Rejoice in the Lamb are taken from a long poem of the same name. The writer was Christopher Smart, an eighteenth century poet, deeply religious, but of a strange and unbalanced mind.Rejoice in the Lamb was written while Smart was in an asylum, and is chaotic in form but contains many flashes of genius.It is a few of the finest passages that Benjamin Britten has chosen to set to music.

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Varenummer BHM060015120
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Britten, Benjamin
Format Klaveruttog, Korpartitur
Instrument Vokal/sang