Wind Sketches CB5 Philip Sparke

Wind Sketches CB5 Philip Sparke

Varenummer: AMP401-010

Kategorier: Janitsjar

Wind Sketches is a top quality concert work for wind band in three movements, inspired by the relationship between man and wind. Trade Winds, in the form of a march, is reminiscent of a shanty, conjuring up seafaring and the tradewinds. Becalmed, harmonically and melodically almost static, depicts the doldrums. All the more contrasting is Riding the Storm, which concerns the love-hate relationship of people to the winds that he needs and at the same times fears.

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kr 2 999,00
Varenummer AMP401-010
Supplier Hal Leonard MGB BV (Nederland) {6386}
Produkttype Fysisk produkt
Komponist Sparke, Philip
Vanskelighetsgrad 5
Tema/Sjanger Konkurransemusikk, Originalmusikk
Besetning Janitsjar (CB)